Health and the environment around us are closely related. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the work environment or the interior of the buildings have a great implication in our well-being and our health. That is why the quality and wholesomeness of our environment are vital for good health.

In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in public concern about the potential health implications of environmental problems or disasters.

In 2012, Vitrispan started to work on products that improve or protect our health.


Know the range of Vitrispan

Antibacterial panels

  • Provides a hostile environment for bacteria and germs
  • Reduce the activity of bacteria on the surface of the coating
  • Responses sanitary precautions in sterile rooms, where strict environmental and sanitary standards are applied.



This standard determines the activity and antimicrobial effectiveness of antimicrobial products on surfaces using two bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. These bacteria should be quantified and applied to the surfaces that are supposed to have the antimicrobial, as well as control surfaces without antimicrobial, in order to know the reduction of bacterial load under the effect of antimicrobial existing on the surface.

Obtaining a vitreous enamel steel panel with bactericidal and fungicidal properties, which do not require the incidence of UV radiation and therefore can be used both outdoors and indoors (hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, common areas of large numbers of people, services Public, slaughterhouses, restaurants, industrial facilities, nurseries, etc.).

The bactericidal efficacy of the product has been evaluated using an international reference standard, the  JIS Z 2801 (currently ISO 22196) testing the microorganism Escherichia Coli (CECT516, ATCC 8739), on the Vitrispan vitreous enamel steel panel surface made with special Antibacterium enamel, which exhibits antibacterial activity as having an antimicrobial activity value ( R) greater than 2.

Due to its bacteriological cleaning and moisture resistance properties Vitrispan vitreous enamel steel panels are ideal for the fitting of hospitals, aseptic rooms and sanitary installations. They are not only optimal for wall cladding in this type of facilities also for the manufacture of laboratory tables and specific furniture.

The enamelled surface of the Vitrispan panels makes them safe from germs and other types of organisms. Vitreous enamel steel is easy to clean, usually with only mild detergent and rubbing with very little effort. No matter their texture, their unique hardness and resistance to abrasion allow the use of cleaning methods that would be harmful to other types of coatings.

The hard and dense surface is a barrier against bacteria and odor retention. In addition, the enamels are highly resistant to radiation and biological contamination. Surface contamination can be eliminated quickly and easily by simple washing. Smooth surfaces, above all, are resistant to the most common germicidal solutions and can be sterilized with steam without any damage. The enamels are also resistant to corrosive industrial atmospheres, salt, air, gases driven by wind and smoke.

These features combined with their smooth and durable colors make the panels provide optimal hygienic conditions and an unparalleled appearance.