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State-of-the-art solutions for current and innovative architecture, using materials such as vitreous enamel steel, stainless steel and aluminum to present complex proposals obtained through different manufacturing processes (drawing, bending, welding, folding, rolling, Stretched etc ...)

Architecture is the art and technique of designing, constructing and modifying human habitat, including buildings of all kinds, architectural and urban structures, as well as architectural and urban spaces.

Vitrispan offers multiple products for architecture with different materials.

Products and materials

Employed in our architectural solutions

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  • Panels
  • Sandwich Panels
  • Profiles
  • Grids and meshes
  • Special pieces for wraparound facades
  • Columns
  • Free ceilings


  • Vitreous enamel
  • Steel
  • Aluminum enameled / lacquered
  • Stainless steel
  • Golden steel
  • Aluminum honeycomb


Metro, rail and ground transportation

We can define architectural techniques as methods for construction with certain materials. In order to build, there is not only the conditioning of the materials used, but also the degree of technology that the society in question has, the tools, the type of transport for the materials and the durability of them.

The evolution of techniques is conditioned by economic strength, which seeks to achieve greater stability and persistence in what is built, and aesthetic strength, which sometimes makes flourish even new techniques of application.

Vitrispan offers a range of products dedicated exclusively to achieving greater stability and persistence in which it is built without giving up aesthetics.

The public transport stations are infrastructures with a large influx of public and it is for them that the wear and deterioration of the materials used must be of great strength and durability as well as resist any vandalism.


Vitrispan offers an extensive range of vitreous enamel steel panels for aesthetic and functional coating for the lining of public transport stations, offering high performance in terms of durability and strength.


The physical and chemical performance of the vitrispan vitreous enamel steel panels gives a high added value to the infrastructure.

  • Hardness against scratching or vandalism
  • Easy cleaning due to its smooth surface
  • Acid resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Hygienic surface
  • Color unchanged over time
  • Fireproof resistance
  • Easy installation and disassembly
  • Easy maintenance
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Safety, aesthetics, durability and comfort

The design of road tunnels must take into account different technical and economic aspects, all of which are subject to the main objective of tunnel safety. There are many advantages offered by the use of vitrispan vitreous enamel steel panels for the cladding of tunnels and underpasess.

In addition to the aesthetic function, one of the main advantages is the energy saving in lighting systems thanks to the particular photometric properties of the panels with an optimized color and reflectivity, which contributes to the increase of the safety in the tunnels as well as to get a greater comfort for drivers.

One of the major problems for traffic in tunnels and underpasses is the poor lighting of concrete walls. Ideally, the luminosity of the tunnel walls should be the same than in the roadway. The concrete is subject to irreparably absorb dust and charcoal from the combustion residues of vehicles, its surface already gray, will darkest during the time. Any lighting system, although powerful, will be able to make it perfectly visible.

The use of panels increases the visual guidance and contrast of the drivers reducing dramatically the possibility of accidents allowing thus the adaptation to the European regulations on the safety in tunnels. In addition, the impact resistance and extreme temperature distortion of Vitrispan high-strength vitreous enamel steel panels provides greater safety advantages in applications such as road tunnels and underpasses than other cladding options.

The high thickness of Vitrispan panels provides stability to structures and greater durability and corrosion protection in contrast to other types of cladding such as thinner panels or thermoplastic paints; Also the vitreous enamel coating is endowed with a high resistance to the acids, which converts these coatings unalterable to the atmospheric attack of gases originated by the circulation of vehicles.


A Mall is a building consisting of one or several buildings, usually of large size, that has services, stores and commercial offices agglutinated in a certain space concentrating more potential customers within the enclosure.

A Mall is conceived as a collective space, encompasing leisure spaces, shops, cinemas and gastronomy within the premises.

It's because of this that the Mall's image must be singular and up-to-date.

Vitrispan offers a wide range of products and services to face this kind of singular projects.